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I’m Back, Because I Had To Share

Thursday night, coming home from the airport, a bright yellow Hummer passed me on a hill. The big yuppie short-bus was pulling a trailer carrying two snowmobiles, and going too damn fast for the conditions. “Great!” I thought. “You can … Continue reading

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Superbowl Thoughts

1. Preferences You know, there’s something relaxing about watching a game when you’re not all that concerned who wins and who loses. With the Packers long out of it, and the evil Vikings not a factor, I can sit back … Continue reading

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Serious For A Minute

Cindy Sheehan went off the deep end quite a while ago, and I find it hard to summon up much sympathy for her anymore. However, the conflicting news reports about what transpired tonight at the State of the Union address … Continue reading

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