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On The Hillside This Afternoon

When I took my walk through the cemetery today, I saw that even though the snow was less than 24 hours old, someone had already brushed it from the grave of a war hero. I won’t even mention which hero. … Continue reading

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In The News This Date- Special Gubernatorial Edition

Yes, let’s clean up Hurley for New Year’s Eve, Mr. Governor. After that, Hayward and hell will be a snap. You do have cojones so early in your term, Mr. Governor. I’ll admit that. Washburn Times, December 30, 1926 29 … Continue reading

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Ice From The Graveyard

Ice in the middle of Chequamegon Bay- first time from our hillside this winter! Well, I’m pretty sure that’s ice. Honest. Amazing but not surprising how little effect holding a 140-lb dog’s leash has on a long exposure, innit? We … Continue reading

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In The News, December 28

Bayfield County Press, December 28, 1936 Ordeal in Lake – Bayfield Men Stranded Five Days Without Food Two Bayfield fishermen, Leo Boutin and his nephew Morris, told today how a snowstorm stranded them on Stockton Island in Lake Superior without … Continue reading

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Candles In Wenceslas Square

On this Feast of Stephen, my mind goes to Prague, and a man who died last week. Candles are burning tonight in Vaslavski Namesti. They burned there in November 1989 as well, and wax gave testimony the following spring. Life … Continue reading

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The Book In The Attic, Part One

For David and Rachel, Christmas 2011 Can a book change your life? I think so, and I’ll tell you why. When I was very young, just about once a week my mother and I– and eventually my baby brother Bill– … Continue reading

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Christmas Morning At The Ranger Station

Yeah, hey Nelson. Yeah, hey. Good bear. Good bear. Um, yeah, good morning, dogs. Hey guys. Good guys.  I’ll be right there. Yes, Nelson, that’s right, that’s my foot. Definitely. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Hey man – … Continue reading

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Keeper’s Log, Christmas

Outer Island Light Station, December 25, 1879 SW, light, clear. Sunshine this forenoon. Ther. 13 below at 7 AM; 20 at 10 AM; moderated to 18 by 9 PM. Wind fresh, NW, tonight. Lake full of drifting ice all day. … Continue reading

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Stockings Hung In The Puppy Room With Care

December 2004 – Sawyer and Ernestine Thank you once again, Cissy. I will never be able to say it enough. And thank you even more, Rhonda.

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On Display, Retread Style

My posts somehow started coming out italic a few days ago. Now it got better. Mostly. I finally got around this morning to digging into the template file to look for a tag out of place and fix everything. After … Continue reading

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Special Chanukkah Edition, Part One

In the autumn of 1844, a young Jewish man stepped onto the shore of Madeline Island, determined to make a life for himself on the Lake Superior frontier. Julius Osterreicher had been born in Bavaria, but left for America at … Continue reading

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Off Little Sand Bay Right Now: MV Edgar A. Speer

All Photos by Ranger Sue Best guess what it’s doing there: waiting in a cozy spot to take her turn at the Two Harbors ore dock. Guest Commentary: We would see them in East Bay once in a while; usually … Continue reading

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