Keeping Busy At Golden Gate, Plus A Language Rant

From the NPS Morning Report, July 29, 2010

Golden Gate National Recreation Area (CA)
Rangers Intercede In Parking Lot Brawl

On the evening of Sunday, July 19th, rangers on patrol at Stinson Beach heard a call on the Marin County radio reporting a fight in progress involving two groups with baseball bats in the south parking lot. Ranger Sarah Cavallaro responded from the lifeguard tower and witnesses directed her to a sedan that was being driven out of the parking lot. Cavallaro conducted a traffic stop and was backed by a Marin County deputy.

The driver of the sedan had blood on his face and said that he had been hit in the back of the head with a baseball bat; he in turn punched another male from the other group in the face with the assumption that he was the subject who hit him with the bat. The deputy stayed with the driver and occupants of the van while Cavallaro went to the south lot to meet with supervisory ranger Pat Norton and medics to determine what precipitated the fight.

The group in the south lot was highly agitated, uncooperative and verbally abusive to rangers. One member of the group was so uncooperative that Cavallaro advised him he would be tasered if he did not respond to commands to sit down. It was determined that the fight started over inappropriate comments made towards one of the young women in the sedan….


Baseball bats coming out on account of someone said something “inappropriate?”

Ty Cobb’s ass!

I’ll tell you what’s inappropriate: the recent universal adoption of that word to mean, “Wuh-oh! He really, really shouldna said that!”

Whatever happened to “offensive,” “insulting,” “belligerent,” “obscene,” “provocative,” “abusive,” “inflammatory,” and all those other good words the English language used to have? Apparently they are all out of service, replaced by a wishy-washy, meaningless, euphemism.

Look. Some guy walks up to me, I say, “How you doing?” and he answers, “Throat warbler mangrove,” that’s inappropriate. The substance of the reply is clearly unrelated to the question asked.

I ask the same question and he says, “I’m fine, but you suck,” it’s way more than just “inappropriate;” it’s belligerent and insulting, and also pretty risky on his part.

If he steps over and grabs my butt, he’s groping me, molesting me, maybe even assaulting me… not just “touching me in an inappropriate manner,” okay?

And he’s gonna get his clock cleaned.

Just like the next person who uses “inappropriate” inappropriately in my presence.

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