Keeper’s Log, September 25

Sand Island Light Station, September 25, 1899

NE gale & Cloudy cold Devil Island Light visible

Keepers’ wife is still unable to do any work.  Keeper shot the hawk that caught the Ruster.  Keeper Slacked lime and went to E Bay & got his row Boat.  Keeper shot a hare.  The first of the season.

Okay, backtracking a little bit. Two days ago, Emmanuel Luick reported that Ella was not feeling well after his return from five days in town. Now we see she’s still not productive- what is the matter with this woman?

Meanwhile, yesterday we learned that the Keeper “lost his larg ruster by a hawk.” This was not the first hostile encounter Luick recorded with a hawk, nor would it be the last. In fact, there seems a distinct Donald-Duck-vs-the-chipmunks dynamic to his continuing battle with marauding raptors. After a while, you can imagine him jumping up and down and squawking unintelligibly at the sight of a broad wingspan.

Emmanuel Luick with dead hawk, undated

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4 Responses to Keeper’s Log, September 25

  1. bob says:

    What kind of a gun is that? Could it be a flintlock? I can’t tell by the picture, maybe you can on the original. I went to a program on flintlocks and it appears that there were scores of models.

  2. Ranger Bob says:

    Dunno- let me see if there is more detail on the larger scan. Seems late– c 1900-1910– for him to be using flintlock, though, doesn’t it?

  3. lisahgolden says:

    So what IS wrong with her?

  4. Ranger Bob says:

    The funny thing is that one frequently finds Emmanuel moaning about his own health in the logs- he’s always coming down with something or other. Ella’s sick and it’s just “she’s not up to doing any work.”

    But there’s a guy in Bayfield history who makes Emmanuel Luick look like a paragon of sensitivity: Rev. James Peet, a Methodist missionary who spent a few years scolding the settlers in the 1850s. He left behind a diary which paints a vivid picture of a sanctimonious, self-pitying creep.

    There’s one stretch where he goes on and on about this boil he has, and then suddenly drops the news that his wife just gave birth to their first child. Not one word up to that point about her condition. Then a few days later, he starts bitching about having to do the housework while she’s recovering. There are very few characters in the region’s history I find more loathsome.

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