Keeper’s Log, September 26

Raspberry Island Light Station, September 26, 1904

Finished painting on the dwelling.  Mrs. Ella Luick of Sand Island Lightstation, visited Raspberry Island today.  Cleaned the flues in boiler No. 1 and cleaned up in signal house.

It’s interesting, and poignant, to note that her husband makes no mention of Ella’s  departure in his own logbook; only a few months later, she would leave the island- and Emmanuel- for good.

The photo below appears to show  Emmanuel and Ella Luick in front of the Raspberry Island lighthouse, with Mrs. Luick at extreme right watching the unidentified lady kick up her heels. It most likely was not taken on this date, since there were several other entries in the Raspberry log specifically noting visits by both of the Sand Island pair. This is one of two photos of Ella Luick known to be exist, along with her 1895 wedding picture.

I’ve always wondered what the cubical pole structure is in the center of the frame, but have found no answer so far.

Ella Luick in her twenties

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