Keeper’s Log, September 28

Raspberry Island Light Station, Keeper’s Diary, September 28, 1888

28th Quite cool at present. We put up the box stove today and fire up. Joe Hardy has moved back to York Island to fish.

Steamboats do not run on time any longer. The foxes are coming very close to the house now and pick up everything we throw away. They do not mind us much. No more berries and grasshoppers. The Lighthouse Inspector was here on the 22nd for the third and last time this season.

Some Indians were here a few days ago picking cranberries. We did not find it out until after they had left. P.S. 1890 They were not Indians, but white men.

Oh, okay. Thanks for clearing that up. (Seriously- this is from Francis Jacker’s personal diary, not his official log, but even so he comes back two years later and corrects a detail. Talk about a stickler for accuracy!)

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  1. lisahgolden says:

    I love that little detail.

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