Keeper’s Log, September 30

Raspberry Island Light Station, September 30, 1896

At 12:30 A.M. a steam barge hailed us to find out where he was. Told him “Raspberry Island”, and he said all right and in about 30 minutes, saw his lights. Heavy smoke from fires was the cause.

Now that is some limited visibility!

Log entries show show that the air had been foul with smoke for a full week by the time of this entry, with fires reported on the mainland, Sand Island, and York Island. Three days before, Keeper John Eddy reported:

September 27, 1890 At 8 A.M. a steam barge got over in Raspberry Bay. Could not see anything for smoke. We got her out with the reports of the gun.

Smoke continued to interfere  with navigation for several days to come. Conditions like these would be repeated nearly every summer, but it would be another seven years before Raspberry Island got its own fog signal.

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    That’s downright scary.

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