Among The Islands, December 28

Bayfield County Press, December 28, 1936

Fishers reveal ordeal in Lake

Bayfield men were stranded five days without food

Two Bayfield fishermen, Leo Boutin and his nephew Morris, told today how a snowstorm stranded them on Presque Isle (Stockton Island) in Lake Superior without food for five days.

With Morris’s father, Ulric, the men set out last Monday to set nets. After taking Ulric to Manitou Island, Leo and Morris went over to Presque Island.
A snowstorm blew up and their boat broke down.

It was Friday before the lake calmed enough to permit a trip in a skiff found on the island. Despite their weakened condition, the men reached Manitou Island where Ulric, who thought the others had perished, had been stranded.

Ulric prepared hot broth and the next day the three used boards as oars to row the skiff the 6 miles to the mainland. From there they walked to Bayfield.

I’ll see Morris Boutin in Bayfield occasionally. He’s in his nineties, and still goes out on the lake now and then.

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