Around The Islands, December 30

Cleaning up Hurley? Lots of luck, G-Men.

Washburn Times, December 30, 1926

29 Hurley saloons to get the padlock

Hurley, Wisconsin, the town which has become notorious throughout the country because of its open violation of the 18th amendment, was visited by government deputies on Tuesday this week and writs were served on 29 places in padlock actions.

Service of the order was more a less of a parade up Silver Street and the officers visited first one place and then another until the entire list was covered.

This is the second time an attempt has been made to lock up the drink-dispensing places of the border village and the law-abiding citizens of Hurley are in hopes that the present actions will stick. During the year 1926, 57 persons were arrested at Hurley for violation of the Prohibition amendment, but because of a technicality the cases were never prosecuted and many of those who were arrested at that time were inclined to wink at any attempt to close up their places of business and the result was liquor has flowed freely over the Hurley bars.

Governor-elect Zimmerman, who takes office on the first Monday in January, on learning of the action of the US forces in bringing actions against the drink parlors of the border city, said it was his intention on assuming office to make Hurley a part of Wisconsin and under the laws of the state, and not allow it to run in an openhanded manner in defiance of the laws.

Anyone who knows Hurley will know how well that worked.

And for those who don’t know Hurley, the town sits just this side of the Michigan border. Back in the good old days, Wisconsin’s more liberal liquor laws made it the destination of choice for Upper Peninsula lumberjacks looking to blow a winter’s wages on a night or two of debauchery. Today, the bars and strip clubs along Silver Street cater to snowmobilers instead of loggers.

Hurley High School is known for its unusual team nickname– “The Midgets”– and for its contributions to the Greater Atlanta cultural scene.

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  1. Bob Dahl says:

    “Hayward, Hurley and Hell!”

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    Only one of those has a giant muskellunge you can walk through.

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