Among The Islands, December 31

Sad story:

Washburn Times, December 31, 1925

Fisherman has narrow escape

When dog team and sled breaks through ice

Dogs drowned as fisherman manages to pull self out of the icy waters

Ulrich Frostman, Houghton fisherman, had a thrilling experience last week while fishing near the Long Island lighthouse when his sled broke through the thin ice and he was thrown into the icy waters of the lake. Frostman managed to pull himself out of the cold waters but he was unable to rescue his faithful dogs and the sled pulled them to the bottom of the lake.

Frostman walked the entire distance of 9 miles across the ice to Houghton. When he arrived his clothing was frozen stiff but he suffered little from his experience, as the walking from the island keeping him warm enough to prevent freezing.

A trip was made to the point the following day and the sled and nets were recovered.

Wasn’t the first time something like this happened, either, nor the last. Five years later a fisherman and his dog team went down off Oak Island, but in that case, the man drowned as well.

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