Keeper’s Log, August 19

Keeper’s Log, Raspberry Island Light Station, August 19, 1878

U.S. Lt. House engineers came here to build a boathouse and paint the Lt. House

The boathouse referred to here was located in the shelter of the sand point at the island’s southeast tip. The site was comparatively well-protected, but had the distinct disadvantage of requiring the keeper to walk a mile through the woods to get to his boat. This inconvenience nearly had fatal consequences for keeper Francis Jacker in 1887.

Some fifteen years later, the Lighthouse Service rethought the situation, and the 1894 Annual Report of the Lighthouse Board noted:

Raspberry Island, Apostle Group, Lake Superior, Wisconsin

The landing was extended by the addition of a crib. The boathouse was taken down and rebuilt adjoining the landing, on a foundation crib.

With the site’s unimpeded western exposure, the addition of the protective crib was crucial. Now, more than a century later, pleasure craft moor in its shelter, just as the lighthouse keepers’ boats did long ago.

The second Raspberry Island boathouse, with its protective crib, some eight years after its construction.

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