Keeper’s Log, August 22

Raspberry Island Light Station, Keeper’s Diary, August 22, 1886

City of Fremont, upward bound, ran within 300 yards of the light this morning in a heavy fog. I was blowing the fog horn for about an hour when they called for me and wanted to know where they were. 

Seven or eight little hawks stayed on the island all summer, feeding on grasshoppers, never venturing beyond the clearing, alighting on the fence, building and barn.  They were quite a company to me.  I miss them today for the first time.  Have they left the island?

Chimney swallows have been breeding in one of the chimneys of lighthouse and their young ones had been on the wing for quite a length of time, continuously flying about in the near vicinity of the light.  They too have left me quite awhile ago.  Thus the place is getting more and more lonely.

Baked bread today to last for a week.

“They called for me and wanted to know where they were. I told them, ‘You’re in a boat, you damned fools!'”

(Apologies to Marshall Dodge.)

Note the reference to “blowing the fog horn for about an hour.” Keeper Francis Jacker would have been pumping away at a hand-held device all that time, because it would be nearly two decades before the Raspberry Island station got its steam-powered fog signal.

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