And In The News, August 23

Washburn Times, August 23, 1923

Eight-Year-Old Boy Has a Hard Battle with the Waves

Became Adrift on an Old Raft Tuesday Morning and Was Taken out into the Open Lake

Drifting about on a small raft which was not even nailed together while the breakers were rolling high was the thrilling experience of Raymond, eight-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Holman residing on W. 4th St.

Raymond had gone down to the lake shore to play Tuesday morning and had found an old raft in the neighborhood of the old Bigelow docks, and upon this he was having great fun playing around until the wind took his frail craft out into Chequamegon Bay where the waves were rolling high. He drifted out a distance of nearly a half-mile when first discovered and aid was immediately summoned. An old fishing boat was found on the lake shore and the lock on this was broken and men went out and rescued Raymond from this perilous position.

On several occasions the little fellow was thrown from his raft by the high waves and the raft started to break up, but each time the little fellow would succeed in getting the boards and logs together again and would climb into his raft but he was becoming so exhausted when picked up that he could not battle with the waves much longer.

A heavy wind was blowing at the time and the raft was fast drifting out into the open lake and had the boy not been discovered by people on shore he would have drowned.

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