And In Other News, August 26

The first event held at Memorial Park:

Washburn Times August 26, 1920

Plant Workmen to Hold Picnic.

In Memorial Park on the Lake Shore. DuPont Co. and Joseph Brenner & Co. to Give Men Half Holiday on Pay.

Next Saturday afternoon, August 28, the DuPont Co. employees and the employees of the Joseph Brenner Co. are going to have a great old time at a monster picnic to be held at Memorial Park in this city.

The whistles at the plant will sound at the noon hour and the trains will bring the men into this city and they will then make their way to Memorial Park which is located on the lake shore about the pumping station, and was donated to the city as a memorial park for the soldiers, sailors and Marines by the DuPont Patriotic Association.

The DuPont Co. as well as the Joseph Brenner company will give their employees a half holiday on full pay, in order that they may all enjoy this outing and it promises to be a big affair. Ice cream and lemonade will also be furnished.

Tables and benches have been distributed about the grounds and on this day the park will be dedicated and a large stone with a bronze tablet will be placed in the park for this occasion and to designate the park.

Note that the way the DuPont employees expected to get from Barksdale to the park was by train.

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  1. Nan says:

    Chicago & Northwestern?

  2. Ranger Bob says:

    Yep, aka the “Omaha Road.” That was not your father’s line, though, was it?

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