Keeper’s Log, August 29

Raspberry Island Light Station, August 29, 1910

In some way unknown to the Keeper, the door leading into the tower from the Assistants’ quarters got locked sometime after the Keeper called the 2nd Assistant’s watch time of call midnight. The Assistant could not get in the tower that way, nor had the presence of mind enough to go in the tower in another which there are two ways that were not locked, nor did not call the Keeper to enquire into the matter. Consequently, the Light did not flash after 3 A.M. for the want of winding the clock, which was a very poor lookout for the man on watch. (signed) Keeper

This is a mighty hinky story the Second Assistant is telling, and I don’t believe it.

There are three doors into the tower at Raspberry Island: one leading from the Keeper’s side of the dwelling, one from the Assistant Keepers’ side, and one from the porch. One of ’em gets locked and the Second Assistant is all, “OMG – WTF now? FML, man!” Never occurs to him to try the porch door? Wake up the keeper and say, “Sorry boss, can I sneak in through your place?”

Get real.

The guy fell asleep on watch, the clockworks ran down, and the flash panels ground to a halt. Then when he woke up at daybreak, he quick made up a really dumb story to cover his sorry butt. How much do you want to bet?

Raspberry Island Lighthouse, showing one of the doors not taken.

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  1. Nan says:

    Great photo. Taken when, early June? When do the lilacs bloom on that island?

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