Keeper’s Log, August 31

Raspberry Island Light Station, Keeper’s Diary, August 31, 1888

Steamer Hurd which was due yesterday did not pass. Saw three foxes today, first one alone, then two together. They were in the meadow catching grasshoppers of which there are plenty. Hard as the time must be for them now, it will be worse before long. When they saw me they did not run off at a bounce, but rather slinked away like a dog who has been doing some mischief. However, they would appear again after I withdrew my suspicious presence.

Keeper Jacker’s disappointment in the Hurd’s failure to appear is undertandable: the steamer’s captain was in the habit of tossing newspapers overboard for him to row out and retrieve.

It didn’t always work out, though. Less than two weeks later, we read:

September 10th – Rec’d my mail yesterday through Mr. Peterson. The J. L. Hurd passed Friday. Captain threw off papers, but the sea (it was blowing very fresh from the west) washed them down.

Talk about starving for news!

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