And In The News, September 30 – Special Bulletin

Washburn Times, September 30, 1926

Trapped Miners Found Safe After Five Days

After being trapped in the Pabst mine at Ironwood for five days, 43 miners were rescued late Wednesday afternoon when workmen succeeded in removing the dirt and rock which blocked the bottom of the shaft, thus permitting the men to descend to the 23rd level of the mine where they were removed through an adjoining shaft.

The cave-in which occurred last Friday morning hurled the cage to the bottom of the shaft, crushing out the lives of the three men in the cage and shutting off the 43 men who were working in the eighth level of the mine.

The men were all safe and well when found.  They had lived on birch bark tea which had been cooked over oil stoves in the mine, the bark having been removed from timbers which were used in the shaft.  Their first request was for smokes, which were denied them by physicians who directed their first food.

Since the cave-in, crews of men have worked night and day in an endeavor to reach the miners.  Four different projects for rescue were undertaken.  The successful attempt was through a connecting shaft through a lateral which connected with the bottom of the shaft in which the men were imprisoned, and they were let down to the bottom of this shaft and through the connecting shaft and brought to the surface.

Families of the imprisoned miners kept up a watch night and day at the mouth of the shaft and there was great rejoicing when it was learned the men were safe and sound after their five days imprisonment.

Good news indeed from our Michigan neighbors!

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