Keeper’s Log, November 12

Raspberry Island Light Station, November 12, 1916

Mr. Marshall of Devil’s Island brought his horse over this afternoon. Landed at the sand point. Going to keep the horse here for a couple of weeks. Had to start fire in signal tonight. Freezing weather.

Raspberry Island Light Station, November 12, 1924

Working on sand point, making a raft to take horse across to main shore. Holding banked fire: freezing weather.

You do wonder what the point was of keeping a horse on either of those two small islands, Raspberry or Devils.

Correction: Due to a typo, both the first and second entries initially read “November 12, 1916.” The correct date for the second entry is 1924. As they say in Texas, “Ooops.”

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4 Responses to Keeper’s Log, November 12

  1. Ron & Kris says:

    my thoughts exactly.. what the “hay”?? perhaps a draft horse for hauling logs, or?? wonder how he got it from Devils to Raspberry? (poor horse!)

  2. David Cooper says:

    I thought it was to ensure a fresh supply of horseshoes for the horseshoe pits — well, that’s what it says in the HSR

  3. Ranger Bob says:

    That has to be it, Coop. I knew you would bring fresh insight to these questions.

  4. Ron & Kris says:

    then again.. a cheap gardener? trims the lawn, fertilizes, and plows the garden all in one afternoon!!
    (PS> Hi Coop!)

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