Keeper’s Log, November 14

An inauspicious day, it seems. Outer Island’s rough start gets worse:

Outer Island Light Station, November 14, 1874

Finished hauling our boat into Winter quarters today. Stripped her and covered her over, or in other words, housed her in. Drullard brot the new sails, blocks, hallards, etc. for the new boat. It is snowing today. Wind SE.

Commenced firing up at ½ past 2 PM. Got up steam and blowed till 6 PM when the bank on the land side gave way and carring the ladder with great force against the building. The earth nearly covered the building to the roof. We thought the whole side was coming in. There is pleanty more ready to come. We was obliged to draw the fire and give up running and clime the bank the best we could.

There goes the fog signal! It lasted what, two months? Not even.

And elsewhere,

Sand Island Light Station, November 14, 1901

NW heavy gale cold and clear. Keeper sick in bed. His wife taking care of Station. Mr. Moe was over. Mrs. Luick bought two chickens in East Bay. Visible.

LaPointe Light Station, November 14, 1901

The government survey steamer Vieded left 2 boats 1 row & 1 sail. The dogs tore one of the sails up. They were put out to dry. 2 boats 5 pairs of oars and some other stuff all put in the boathouse.

Damn dogs. Nothing but trouble.

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