And In The News, November 26

Bayfield County Press, November 26, 1887

Capt. Pike’s tug, Favorite, returned from Milwaukee Sunday. The boys’ account of the trip is to the effect that they had anything but pleasure on their way home after striking Lake Superior. Leaving Whitefish Point they took a course which, as they supposed, would enable them to clear Keweenaw Point about six miles, but a compass out of order and a blinding snow storm resulted in their sighting land the following morning which proved to be Isle Royale.

Just how the boat managed to cross the lake in such a storm is a marvel to those who were on board and the fact that she did is evidence of her seaworthiness and the skill of those in command. Much anxiety was felt here for her safety and when she hove in sight Sunday, her familiar whistle woke the echoes, hearty congratulations were the order of the day


(“Capt. Pike,” of course, is Robinson Dearling “R.D.” Pike, Bayfield’s great entrepreneur and visionary.)

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