“What’s All The Hassle For?”

“We ain’t hurting nobody, man!”

5 accused of starting Malibu wildfire

CNN, Dec. 14, 2007:

MONTEREY PARK, California (CNN) — Five men are accused of starting a massive Malibu wildfire at that destroyed more than 50 homes and forced about 15,000 people to evacuate.

Authorities say the five, ranging in ages from 18 to 27, were drinking in a popular party spot in a cave at the park when they started the fire.

All five are from the Los Angeles area and are being charged with three felonies — including two arson-related charges. Each count carries a sentence of two to four years in prison.

Baca said investigators traced the fire to the cave, then used receipts and surveillance camera footage from a nearby store to hunt down the men.

Investigators would not comment on why the men started the fire. During the investigation, fire officials speculated that a campfire may have started the blaze — which engulfed roughly 5,000 acres and destroyed 80 structures, including the 53 homes.

Ah, yes. Dirtballs getting drunk in the woods…

“Pour it out right now and let’s see some ID…. No, huh? Well, I think you need to look a little harder and find some ID… I said pour it all out…”

Mem’ries… la da dee da, dee dee dah…

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