How The Hell Did He Find Out So Fast?

I’m thinking it might have been when you hollered, “Hey world- look! Over here! I’m breaking the law!

NPS Morning Report, Dec. 18, 2007:

Assateague Island National Seashore (VA)
Internet Posting Leads Rangers To Fishing Violation

Ranger Dave Rapp prepared for a fishing compliance patrol on December 10th by first checking the activity on a popular internet discussion board used by many anglers visiting the park. He noticed one entry in which the author wrote that she had caught 22-inch and 24-inch stripers (rockfish) on Assateague Island – a violation, as Maryland state law establishes a minimum length of 28 inches for this species. The author also wrote that she was “keeping this baby for dinner!” Included in the entry was a photograph showing the angler holding up the fish.

Rapp noted that the entry was only a few minutes old and that the photograph appeared to have been taken inside of the park. He located, recognized, and contacted the angler, who was still on the beach within the park. She produced a 21-inch striper, and reported that she’d utilized a Wi-Fi internet connection to post her entry from the park.

A violation notice was issued for the undersized fish.

The dumb ones are so much easier to catch.

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