Spring In January At Mt. Ashwabay

Nothing like 3 km on the Sugar Bush Trail to celebrate a record-setting nice day and lift the spirits while working on a piece that’s even harder to write than Sad Christmas on Basswood Island.

We were also hoping to burn off a little of Buzzie’s puppy energy, but I still can’t decide if we did– at least Ernestine slept well come evening. So did I, though it was strange when I changed to find a truck-driver’s tan in January.

That coffee cup you see was the only low note of the hike- dropped right at the foot of a signpost, 0.8 km out on a “hikers and skiers only” trail. Very disappointing– needless to say, I picked it up, then Susan took it so I could shoot pictures. Anyone who would think we’d leave it doesn’t know rangers.

Just like anyone who wonders which fork we took when the sign said


By the way, Kat- I know you don’t approve of digital post-processing, but don’t you agree that the picture above looks better than the original below? I’ve left you some clues how I did it. Right-click and look real close- another five minutes of my time and they’d be gone, too.  : )

Ranger Bob photo, taken with Kodachrome 25, 95mm Nikkor lens,  f2.8 at…. wait! I took this one at whatever the Minolta Maxxum 5D set for me. Good enough for the purpose, I’d say.

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6 Responses to Spring In January At Mt. Ashwabay

  1. Nancy says:

    Holy cow, Susan looks like she has her hands full. I am waiting for the next ranger report on Buzz – hee hee.

  2. KW says:

    What the heck was that you removed? A giant alien sized skewer of marshmallows?

  3. KW says:

    REALLY?! Weird…

    I had no idea what that foreign language was…but I knew what wiigwas was immediately! 😉

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