On This Date, 1934

Sand Island, April 9, 1934 (Burt Hill Memoir)

That spring when the ice broke up the drift ice made it difficult for the fish boats to get through. The Cornucopia managed to get out and after setting her nets, could not get back into the harbor at Cornucopia and sought shelter at our dock for the right. The lake was all open or the east side of the Island and our fishermen had no trouble in getting in and out.

On April 9, Elvis Moe and Herman Johnson, Jr., lifted their hooks outside of the island and tried to get into Little Sand Bay with their catch. The bay was full of drift ice. Elvis got quite a distance into the ice when the water pump on the engine broke and he was stuck there. Herman tried to follow in Elvis’s wake but he soon became stuck.

Philip and Alison Boutin, who were fishing from our dock that spring, tried to get to them to help them out. They reached Herman and got him out, but were unable to get to Elvis. The Cornucopia was then called into service and after several hours battling through the ice, reached Elvis and got him out. It was two o’clock the next morning when they reached our dock.

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  1. Terry Pepper says:

    Alvis Moe – Have to love that name!

  2. Terry Pepper says:

    Of course, I meant to type Elvis Moe, but sometimes my fingers do their own bidding!

  3. R Stavdal says:

    Good/Great reading Bob, all my time at Outer, Michigan and Devils I had no idead how good I had it, isolation was my only issue. Those guys were really tough!

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