In The News, April 14

Bayfield County Press, April 14, 1911

News from Sand Island

Louis Moe came in from Sand Island last Sunday for the purpose of fitting out his fishing rig; as soon as the weather permits he’ll return to the island. Mr. Moe has the following to say regarding Sand Island happenings during the winter:

“About a month ago Swen Bergstrom’s little five-year-old son, Fritz, got lost in the woods and the people all turned out to look for him; he was on his way home from school and was found after he had traveled about five miles out of his course; had it not been for the snow being frozen so hard his tracks could have been seen and he would’ve been found sooner, as it was he was not found until 4:00.

“Miss Cowie, the schoolteacher, met with an accident which dislocated her left knee; the road not being in good condition she was obliged to walk along the beach from her boarding place to the school; in climbing a steep bank she slipped and fell thus causing the dislocation.”

Sand Island School, c 1915-1920
Photo by lighthouse keeper Emmanuel Luick

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