In The News, April 19

Now, here’s a tale to remember:

Washburn Times, April 19, 1923

Auto Abandoned On Ice Floe Returns To Owner

After drifting about on ice floe on Lake Superior for two days, a Ford car owned by C. T. Scoville of this city was recovered by the owner when the wind changed and the ice floe carrying the car was blown back into the north channel of the Apostle group and piled up against Outer Island. Scoville and Alec Aiken of Bayfield ventured out on the floe, cranked up the car, and ran it ashore, apparently none the worse for its seagoing voyage.

The car was abandoned by Scoville and Aiken last week after they had been caught in the car on ice floe which broke loose from land as they were making a trip through the Apostle group.

Mr. Scoville has been engaged since the first of the year in making trips among the Apostle Islands purchasing fish and thus far has made over 20 trips. Saturday was his last trip as the bobbing season is about over. He brought into Ashland over 900 pounds of lake trout which was his largest consignment, the other loads running from 500 to 800 pounds. These fish were secured from fishermen on Outer, Presque, Cat, Madeleine, Oak, and Twin islands.

Scoville, who is an old trapper, hunter and fisherman, was asked about his adventure and if he wasn’t scared when he found that he was adrift on the floe. He said, “No, I wasn’t scared in the least and neither was Mr. Aiken. The ice floe we were on was about a half-mile wide and several miles long and as solid ice of over a foot in thickness. In fact we did not know it had broken off the main shore until we tried to reach land. When we discovered this, we figured that eventually it was bound to bump up against some island and we could get ashore. We had plenty of fish, some other eatables and also a gasoline stove so knew we would not starve. Of course it would have been a little cold for sleeping but we could could have stood it for several days, I think.

“We were glad however, to get close enough to Outer Island to get ashore although we had to take an icy bath to do so as it was slush ice where the floe had been driven onto the island. On Outer Island we broke into the lighthouse and made ourselves comfortable and waited until we could get to the mainland. Imagine our surprise two days later to see the car which we had given up for lost come back to us. We rescued it and returned to Ashland with it.”

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