Keeper’s Log, May 28

Outer Island Light Station, May 28, 1935

Working on coal bunker, and put in new gasket on cylinder head in motor boat A party from Bayfield of the U. S Forestry Service and the U. S. Indian Service arrived at the Station at 4:45 P.M. in the U.S. Indian Service motor boat to look over the timber on the Lighthouse Reserve. [They] left the Station at 6:30 P.M. Light, variable winds. Clear.

And on the same day…

Michigan Island Light Station, May 28, 1935

Assistant Keeper made a trip to Gull Island. Worked in garden and cut grass. Fixed bunkers on boat car. A party of 6 men including Indian Agent, Mr. Southworth, and a couple of Forest Rangers landed here and looked at timber on the Reservation.

The “lighthouse reservation” was a tract set aside to ensure a firewood supply for the keepers. Since they were off-limits to commercial logging, today these areas contain some of the oldest forest in the Apostles. It appears nothing came of these visits: there would be further logging on Outer Island after this date, but none so far as I know within the boundaries of the reservation, and none at all on Michigan.

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