In The News, June 2

Washburn Times, June 2, 1921

Lives of Many Endangered When Ashland Dock Caves

It was almost a miracle that loss of life was averted at Ashland Monday afternoon when the dock upon which Memorial exercises were being held gave way, and scores of people were precipitated into the icy waters of Chequamegon Bay.

The accident occurred during that part of the Memorial Day exercises when the waters were being strewn with flowers in honor of the soldier and sailor dead who were buried at sea. The exercises were being held on the old city dock and when the crowd had gathered upon the dock, without warning, the structure gave way, and a large number of men, women and children were thrown into the water.

The portion of the dock to give way was near the landing of the Mary Scott and Skater. There was a wild scramble to get out of the water and willing hands immediately set to work to rescue all persons and within a few minutes all were dragged out of the water, although several narrow escapes were had. Because of the large number of people attending the celebration and the large number of hats and other parts of clothing floating on the water after the accident it was feared that the loss of life had been heavy, but after a time all persons were accounted for.

Automobiles were rushed to the scene and those were drenched by water were taken to their homes, and aside from being badly scared at that time, no sickness has resulted. The accident did not mar the celebration of Memorial Day held at Ashland and the balance of the program was carried out. Many of those who figured in the accident returned to attend the celebration after changing their clothing.

A similar incident at somebody’s prom made headlines just a few weeks ago– also here in Wisconsin. (Please hold the “Y’all need to cut down on the beer’n’brats” remarks, thank you very much.)

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  1. Kathy Mc says:

    Very interesting!! I guess the water was a tad cold that day. Did they rebuild the dock?

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