Keeper’s Log, July 5

Outer Island Light Station, July 5, 1912

Cleaned and trimmed Lamps and Lens. Scrubbed canvas rugs, and engine covers. Cleaned up Fog Signal, tended same. Tender “Amaranth” arrived at Station 1 PM. Came ashore with 5 tons of soft coal. Had a bad accident while making a landing. The scow struck a boulder outside of the docks which caused the scow to fill up and turn up side down. All the coal sank to the bottom. The crew saved themselves by crawling on top. She was taken in the harbor where we repaired her so that they got away by six o’clock. The “Amaranth” went around to the West side of this Island and dropped anchor for the night.

For more about the lighthouse tender Amaranth, visit the excellent article on my friend Terry Pepper’s comprehensive web page.

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