In The News, July 6

Dry Hard Wood! Dry Hard Wood! Dry Hard Wood!
In Any Quantity! In Any Quantity! In Any Quantity!

My Wood Yard has a large dock where boats of any draught can lay in perfect safety in all kinds of weather and load. The Yard is situated on the direct channel to Duluth, on Oak Island, and a large quantity of dry hard and hemlock wood is kept constantly on hand.

Wm. Knight
July 6, 1873

-Advertisement, Bayfield County Press, July 6, 1873

The Knight/Chapman development on Oak Island appears to be the earliest large-scale logging operation in the Apostle Islands. A news item three years earlier gives and idea of its scope:

Oak Island is being improved in the way of buildings quite rapidly. Chapman and Company have put up one large dwelling and barn, besides several smaller buildings, to be used by wood choppers through the winter.

The company designs getting several thousand cords of wood cut this winter, for the purpose of supplying steamboats next season. Last winter they put in a dock 400 feet long and we hear they propose enlarging in the coming winter, so as to meet the increasing trade.

It is their intention to clear their land as they go, and as fast as they divest it of wood to plow and put in potatoes, grain, hay, etc.. By this means they will soon have a large producing farm and not only get the benefits of the growth of timber but of the soil also.

The soil of this island is said to be well adapted to agricultural purposes, having been well tested by Mr. Benjamin Armstrong, over ten years ago, whose house yet stands crumbling and wearing away by time and the elements.

-Bayfield County Press, Oct. 27, 1870

The southwest tip of Oak Island is one of the most richly layered historic sites among the Apostles: not only the scene of several successive logging episodes, but also the home site of the noted Indian advocate Benjamin Armstrong, and the well-known eccentric Martin Kane.

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  1. John Spencer says:

    Was the Knight/Chapman wood yard locate in the vicinity of the Oak Island sandpoint as well?

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