In The News, July 12

Bayfield County Press, July 12, 1928

Hans Christensen, Mrs. Christensen and their son Elmer were at the mercy of a northeaster off the Red Cliff Point for a time Friday afternoon last week. In a new government lighthouse tender Mr. Christensen was towing the old boat to Bayfield when the engine of the new boat became so hot it stalled and stopped just off Red Cliff. Mrs. Christensen was in the new boat with him while Elmer was steering the boat that was being towed.

The heavy sea was washing the two powerless boats onto the rocky shore when Christensen finally got out an anchor at the end of 100 feet of chain. The pitching of the anchored boats made Elmer and his mother quite sick during the hour and a half it took the hot engine to cool enough so it could start again.

This would be Mr. Christensen, in a photo taken on Devils Island a year later:

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