In The News, July 15

Washburn Times, July 15, 1920

35,000 Pounds of TNT Available For Farmers

35,000 pounds of TNT blasting explosive will be available for the farmers of Bayfield County the latter part of August according to county agricultural agent V. E. Brubaker who received word during the past week from the Department of Agriculture. The cost of this explosive to the farmer will be at the rate of nine cents per pound, which is about half the cost of dynamite, and the explosive will be distributed to the farmers in not-to-exceed 200 pound lots.

The explosive will be distributed to the office of county agriculture agent V. E. Brubaker whose address is Washburn, Wisconsin. No orders will be taken except by written order or letter and orders must reach the county agency office as early as possible.

There will be 550,000 pounds of the explosive available for distribution throughout the northern counties of the state.

TNT as a blasting explosive is equal to dynamite in almost every respect and very satisfactory work has been done by the farmers. As the TNT is lighter than dynamite, two-thirds of a pound of the explosive is used where a pound of dynamite is ordinarily used. TNT will not freeze, and there are no bad effects upon the persons using the explosive. It does not subject the user to headaches as is the case with dynamite.

Why the need for all this go-boom stuff? Stumps me… oops, sorry about that. But that’s the whole thing– in order to clear all this cut-over timberland, farmers needed explosives to blast out the stumps. There are accounts of farmers who ended up spending more money on dynamite for stump-clearing than they paid for the land itself.

And by the way, if you like seeing all the lupines along Highway 13 every June, thank Mr. Brubaker– he was the guy who encouraged planting them.

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  1. Kathy Mc says:

    It is nice to know that while letting farmers know that dynamite will be available for blowing up tree stumps, the man is also encouraging planting lupines. I like lupines.

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