In The News, July 18

Bayfield County Press, July 18, 1913

Sand Island Fisherman Drowned

Ole Johnson, who has been engaged in the fishing business among the Apostle Islands the past few years, with headquarters at Sand Island, met death by drowning near that place Wednesday evening.

According to information we were able to obtain, Johnson, who was between 30 and 35 years of age and unmarried, set out from West Bay on Sand Island, to anchor his boat, taking with him a small skiff.

The skiff was found on the beach yesterday morning and from appearances, Johnson had not used it after anchoring the larger boat. In just what manner this accident occurred is not known, but it is believed the anchor became caught in the clothing of the man and pulled him under, or that in endeavoring to step into the skiff from the larger boat, he missed his footing.

We are unable to learn whether deceased had relatives in this city or not.

Surprising: not that a fisherman lost his life on the lake, nor that there was a guy on Sand Island named Ole Johnson, but that this incident took place off West Bay. The main settlement was on East Bay, and I am unaware of any fish camps on the island’s west side. This would have been right around the time that the West Bay Lodge was under construction, so perhaps his presence there was somehow related. Or maybe the Press got the story wrong. One more puzzle yet to solve…

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