In The News, July 19

Banner date for Sand Island:

Bayfield County Press, July 19, 1884

Lederle of Sand Island Has a Ten-Pound Boy Last Tuesday.

Lightkeeper Lederle of Sand Island rejoices over the arrival of an assistant lightkeeper who arrived Tuesday evening.

Ha! I’ll bet it was really Mrs. Lederle. I love catching sloppy reporting. Meanwhile, 32 years later, July 19 would be Shop ‘Til You Drop Day:

Burt Hill Diary

On June 15, 1918, all of the residents of the Island gathered at the school house for the purpose of organizing a co-operative association and starting a store. The move was unanimously adopted and a store was opened up, July 19, 1918, in the building that is now used for our guests. It was given the name of the Sand Island Co-Operative Association. Fred Hansen was elected President; B. K. Noring, Vice President: Herman Johnson, Treasurer; and I was its manager and Secretary, which office I held until the association closed up.

“Blue Light Special on aisle one: day-old whitefish, half off.”

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