In The News, August 6

Bayfield County Press, August 6, 1909

Party of Madeline Island Pleasure Seekers Had a Narrow Escape

Engine in Boat Stops During Heavy Sea — Party Barely Escapes Drowning

While returning from an outing at Little Carp River a party of summer visitors at the Old Mission, LaPointe, had quite an exciting experience and one which they are not likely to soon forget.

They were in a gasoline launch belonging to Andrew Seim of LaPointe and were off Little Girl’s Point when the accident occurred. A considerable gale was blowing as the party rounded the Point and the engine suddenly stopped and refused to go, the large waves completely drenching the occupants of the boat and placing them in imminent danger of meeting death in the cold waters of Lake Superior. They were close to shore, however, and despite the large amount of water the boat had taken in, it was beached high and dry by the heavy sea and the party rescued from their predicament by a crew of lumbermen near the scene.

Beyond suffering from the nervous shock, losing all their supplies and getting a good drenching the party is none the worse for the experience. The party consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Olgivie, Mr. Ferris, Miss Ferris, Mr. Brown, Mr. Williams and the owner of the boat.

Not the first pleasure boater to get in trouble on the lake, and most definitely not the last.

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