In The News, August 8

Bayfield Press, August 8, 1938

Berry harvest is started on Presque Isle

Indians engaged in annual work at Bayfield

The blueberry harvest on Presque Isle, one of the Apostle Islands group, is just beginning and each day colorful groups of Indian pickers are making boat trips to the islands in preparation for the annual harvest.

The majority of these Indian pickers are from the vicinity of Eau Claire and belong to the Winnebago tribe. Most of them scorn modern trappings, with blankets and moccasins much in evidence.

All pickers must obtain permits to pick berries on this island which is the property of the Vilas estate. John Frostman, one of the fishermen on this island, is in charge of permits. All precautions are taken to guard against fires at this particular season.

About a hundred pickers remain on the island during the blueberry season, otherwise uninhabited except for a few fishermen.

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