Brownian Motion of the Mind

Or, “A History of the Last Hour”

  • Flip on Pandora to my personalized classic rock channel.
  • Band comes on that I’ve never heard of, “Just Five.” Not bad.
  • Google same and find a page describing them as “one of Belfast’s hottest R&B acts” back in the day.
  • Read article and follow link to a page all about the “Irish showband” phenomenon, a term I vaguely remember from the Seventies. Read about the rise and decline of the genre.
  • Read Wikipedia article on the ambush murder of several members of this popular mixed-membership band by Protestant terrorists.
  • Remind self that I really ought to finish Carl Sauer’s Northern Mists, which I started about thirty years ago.
  • Head downstairs to the library and rummage through the shelves till I find it.
  • Notice that I’m still logged into Pandora and it’s now streaming a live version of “Stairway to Heaven.”
  • Turn off same, grab a root beer.

Broadband + Time On The Hands = ADHD Paradise

Bobby, where have you been?”

“Nowhere, Mom.”

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One Response to Brownian Motion of the Mind

  1. Mary says:

    The whole story made me laugh, but the Family Circus picture at the end really put it over the top.

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