Not Much To Look At Now, But

My friend DaveO just posted a recent picture of Little Manitou Island on his always-fascinating blog, The Lake Is The Boss, and dismisses this least-of-the-Apostles as a rock pile… and “not much of a rock pile,” at that.

Dave is right, of course, but things were not always thus. As recently as the early twentieth century, Little Manitou was a small but respectable island, big enough for its own grove of trees:

Click for a closer look

As Dave says, though, the lake definitely is the boss, and in the intervening years, Gitche Gummee decided to tidy up the archipelago by smoothing over some of the bumpy parts. By the time I arrived in this neck of the woods, the erstwhile island had dwindled to rock pile status, and I used to threaten seasonal rangers who displeased me with posting them to Little Manitou for the rest of the summer.

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